In summer

Bozkovské caves( 13 km)


Here's largest underground lake in Bohemia. For its uniqueness, these caves were declared a national natural landmark.


Český ráj (Czech Paradise)


occupies a large area approximately 1800 km2, roughly the boundary of the city Sobotka, Mnichovo Hradiště Sychrov, Zelezny Brod, Semily Lomnice nad Popelkou, Železnice and Jičín. The heart of the Paradise is a city Turnov.

Český ráj (Czech Paradise) includes many decades among the most popular tourist area with us. This landscape is the divide between the plane and the Central Bohemian Krkonoše foothills and offers a summary of all the beauty and attractions. Beauty of nature, ancient castles and charming folk architecture, magic forests and rocks, stillness of lakes, rivers flow free, ancient history. It all gets to this area of his admirers


Rieger's Trail (8 km)

romantic walking trail leads from Semily to Zelezny Brod, where after you go see Jizera River canyon.



Pec pod Sněžkou ( 50 km)

there you can reach our highest mountain - Sněžka (you can ride a cable car, or go on foot)


Dvůr Králové nad Labem (cca 53 km)

You can go on a safari with children and seeing wild animals running about.

And if you're passionate cyclists, we have to rent a bike map of the surroundings.